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Bill Feldspar came up with the idea for George W. Bush or Chimpanzee and launched the site on October 24, 2000. That site was taken down because (who hosted it) thought it violated their Acceptable Use Policy. Bill quickly lost interest in the new site,, and let Rich take it over. Bill's hobbies include not writing little bios about himself and remaining anonymous. Bill wants you to check out his friend Brian's website for more cool shirts:
Rich is the current proprietor of He handles the contests, t-shirt sales, emails, puts up new pics, and generally takes care of the site. His hobbies include going down to Export Towing and getting his car back. His favorite quote is "Hi, do you guys have my car? It's a Crown Vic... No, it's brown."
Alex helps with the graphics on the site, handles the phone interviews , and comes up with new ideas. When he's not working on the site, he can be found in the editing room working on his upcoming tell-all documentary about drinking tea.
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