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01 AUG 03
Once more, triumphantly returns to the internet!

As our loyal fans know, can't go more than 6 months without getting shut down for some reason or another. This time it was my alma mater decreeing that "this is not an acceptable use of the Tufts web server." So now we're going to try hosting off geocities. Maybe it'll last more than a week? That'd be sweet.

Some things are still down, like Tell A Friend and the screen saver, but I'm going to Europe for a month so those are gonna stay broken until September.


Shut down again!?!?!
As many of you noticed, the pictures were removed from on Thursday, March 20, 2003 (what else happened that Thursday? Something in the Mid East?). Now I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but we also got mysteriously shut down on Sept 11, 2001. Isn't that a weird coincidence? I'll try to keep the pics up, but as many people have noticed, I'll get them up for a day only to have them removed again. I'm trytng to find a reliable, free hosting site to host the pics. But here's some very exciting news, the Memory game is back in action! Click on "Game!" in the menu bar.-Rich

What's with the terrible new logo?
We got sued by the Village Voice (we used to think they were cool) for using our old logo, so now we have this new, slighty worse, logo. Matching Game!
Play the Matching Game! Come on, it's much more fun than work! And besides, you deserve a break. Click 'Game!' on the menubar to the left.

Bush or Chimp Wins a Bushie Award!
We're pretty sure the Bushie Award, sponsored by, is the biggest award ever. We won "Best Parody Picture" and were nominated for a bunch more. Check out the results over at

Bush or Chimp Shirts!
Click on the shirts page to be the first in your house to own your very own Bush or Chimp shirt! Proceeds go to chimp preservation societies, so you'll be helping out endangered chimps.

Bush or Chimp in the News!
We've been featured on the following TV news channels:
-Channel 4 (in the UK) on "So Graham Norton"
-Tele Cinco (en Espana) en "Cronicas Marcianas"

-BBC Radio 2 (UK)
-interviewed on KBIX Oklahoma

-Esquire 3/01
-Maxim 3/01
-TV Guide 3/3/01-3/9/01
-Der Spiegel (Germany)
-Tomorrow 10/5/01 (Germany)
-PC för Alla (Sweden)

And in the following newspapers:
-The Village Voice (front cover!)
-The San Francisco Chronicle
-The Lawrence Eagle Tribune
-The Guardian (UK)
-Sunday Express 4/1/01 (UK)
-The Nation (article by Eric Alterman)
-and a bunch of others in England, Holland, and the rest of the world

Let us know if you've seen us mentioned somewhere else. Thanks!

Beware of Imitation Bush or Chimp Sites!
It's come to our attention that some people have made rip-off sites of This would be fine with us, but they don't even bother making their own comparison pics, they just use ours!

You can rest assured that is the original Bush or Chimp website, and the only one that will tell you the truth about drinking tea (more info to come on that).

We got these pictures all over the internet. They're not ours, they're pictures taken by hard working photographers. We would give credit to these photographers, but the sites we got the pictures from don't credit them. It's all in fun, anyway. Please don't sue us.

The site has gotten hits since 11-13-00.

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